Lawn Care

    • Large Yard Leaf Removal

      Have a really big yard? Don’t think you can afford to have someone take care of your leaf problem? Call Hackley’s General for a quote today!
    • Memphis Leaf Removal

      It happens every year! The leaves seem to fall all at once. Let us take care of the problem. We do full service leaf removal and cleanup for the Memphis area.
    • Large Shrubs

      These mature shrubs and bushes needed some heavy duty trimming, Hackley’s took the challenge!
    • Yard Rescue

      This once lovely lawn and garden was in great need of a haircut. Amazing what a difference!
    • Overgrown Shrubs and Bushes

      This is a problem we see often, the original nice landscaping has turned into a jungle! Don’t despair, call Hackley’s General.  
    • New Bedding Area

      Built new flower beds from scratch and improved the appeal and value of this home.   
    • Flower Bed Cleanup

      We completely transformed the curb appeal of this home by cleaning and rebuilding the flower beds, starting right at the curb with the overgrown buses around the mail box.  
    • Replace Brick Flowerbed

      We completely dug up and replaced this old brick flowerbed with a new custom stone garden area.  
    • Overgrown Bushes

      Sometimes things get out of control, but Hackley’s can take care of the problem. Call now for free estimate to trim or remove your problem plants.
    • Flower Bed Rebuild

      We completely rebuilt these flower beds, designed and built the stone borders, and helped the owner select plants to fit the area.
    • Mowing and Edging

      Full Service Yard Care including routine maintenance to keep your lawn looking it’s best. We can take care of your lawn with an annual contract or by appointment, call for a quote.
    • Custom Flower Bed

      Custom Flower Bed Complete rebuild of existing flower beds to be both beautiful and easy to maintain.
    • Holly Reshaping

      In the Memphis area long growing season holly bushes can quickly get out of control. Let use make them beautiful.  
    • Overgrown Shrubs

      Cut back and reshape shrubs and bushes that have become overgrown. Creates more space and beauty.