• Large Shrubs

    These mature shrubs and bushes needed some heavy duty trimming, Hackley’s took the challenge!
  • Yard Rescue

    This once lovely lawn and garden was in great need of a haircut. Amazing what a difference!
  • Overgrown Shrubs and Bushes

    This is a problem we see often, the original nice landscaping has turned into a jungle! Don’t despair, call Hackley’s General.  
  • Overgrown Bushes

    Sometimes things get out of control, but Hackley’s can take care of the problem. Call now for free estimate to trim or remove your problem plants.
  • Holly Reshaping

    In the Memphis area long growing season holly bushes can quickly get out of control. Let use make them beautiful.  
  • Overgrown Shrubs

    Cut back and reshape shrubs and bushes that have become overgrown. Creates more space and beauty.