Water Features

    • Water Feature Cleanup

      Maintenance or repair of all kinds of water features both residential and commercial is no problem for the Hackley General.
    • Fish Pond

      The owner of this fish pond and waterfall was not satisfied with the volume of water flowing over the waterfall created by the original builder. (scroll down to see original waterfall) Hackley’s rebuilt the waterfall and vastly improved the flow volume and appearance. The fish are happier too!
    • Small Space Water Feature

      This shows that you don’t need a lot of space for a really nice feature. Just call Hackley’s and let us hear your ideas!  
    • Fish Pond with Waterfall

      Why not have both? Custom designed waterfall and carefully selected water plants set off this fish pond.  
    • Wall Waterfall

      Front Wall Waterfall With Custom Stone. This home was completely transformed after we created this soothing waterfall against the front of the home in place of previously overgrown bedding area.
    • Fish Pond

      Custom stone fish pond designed and built by Hackley’s General.